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a letter to my dog

28 . 08 . 2018
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If you wrote a letter to your dog, what would you say?

We asked love’em customers to write a letter to their dogs, and this is what they said.



My cuddle companion, my protector, why do you do the things you do? There are so many things I wish I could tell you. Could you please stop chewing the vacuum cleaner? It’s not going to eat you. Socks aren’t food, and neither are flies. Joggers don’t like you jumping the fence to say hello and chasing them down the road. But most importantly I wish I could tell you how much better life is with you around. Thank you for keeping me warm in my bed every night, even though you have three of your own. Thank you for trying to save me from my sneezes. You’ve taught me to give patience, and second chances. Everyone deserves a second chance. Since you’re a dog, I know you don’t understand any of this and you might never hear how much I love you. But I can show you.

Made with the words and thoughts of:

  • Danielle Seach
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