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love’em joins the real pet food co. family

21 . 09 . 2018
News by love 'em

The faith David and Marie put in the customers to want only the best for their pets was well placed, and now the demand for love’em treats has grown to an international scale. We are exporting to NZ, South Korea, Singapore and Bahrain with dreams to become even more global. Due to the growth of the companies, we are so very excited to announce that as of 6th September 2018, Love’em and Vet’s Best have become part of The Real Pet Food Company.

Selecting the best future for Love’em and Vet’s Best was certainly not a decision we took lightly. The story of The Real Pet Food Co. starts very similarly to our own story, founded by an Aussie family who had a dream for health and nutrition and an undying love for pets. They share our vision, values and commitments that mold our brand and this is what makes The Real Pet Food Co the perfect fit for us.

What does this mean for you and your pets? The Real Pet Food Co. is a family of premium pet brands such as Farmer’s Market, Billy + Margot and Ivory Coat to name a few, who use real ingredients with real nutrition. They are a company made of real people with real hearts and real pets. You can have faith that the love’em and Vet’s Best you know and love will remain just as brilliant, and will get even better at time goes on. Our current facilities at Somersby will become The Real Pet Food Co’s Center of Excellence for treats innovation, which is an honor and a testament to the brilliant work of Dr Marie and David.

Dr. Marie and David Rowe still remain an integral part of our team and all of our staff remain here as we were. Some changes can be scary, but this is definitely a very happy and exciting change which we’re delighted to share with you all. If you have any questions about the acquisition of Love’em and Vet’s Best by The Real Pet Food Company please don’t hesitate to contact us.