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why natural treats for your pet?

High Quality Ingredients

There’s no reason treats for dogs need to include artificial ingredients, sugar or preservatives. It’s why all our treats are made using only high quality and carefully selected natural ingredients. No fillers. No nasties. Just simple, tasty and honest treats your pet will love. 

No nasties

Nothing goes into our treats for dogs that we don’t think has a special benefit - whether for flavour or nutrition. We use 100% natural ingredients and natural techniques like air-drying, to ensure we’re maximising both taste and nutrients.

Proudly Aussie Made

We use only the finest quality ingredients - including beef, lamb, chicken and pork - sourced from Australian farmers.

Lots of variety

Just like people, dogs love some variety in their diet. It’s why we’ve created such a broad range of flavours and formats for our treats, including jerky, cookies, brownies and more.

health benefits

Some of our products have been specifically designed to meet certain health needs of dogs. For instance, our joint care liver cookies include some great ingredients including glucosamine and chondroitin with added vitamin C and manganese to help improve joint health.

treat your pet the natural way

Our treats are made from natural ingredients and have no added sugar, fillers or additives. Even the cleaning equipment we use in our factories is food-grade and safe for your pet.

veterinarian recommended
natural ingredients
no added sugar